The Amber Trust

Providing musical opportunities for blind and partially sighted children, and children with more complex needs, via its Music Awards and Music Services.

We are monitoring the current situation very carefully. Please do check the latest advice from the NHS for your own health and welfare and follow standard good hygiene practice.

Advice for parents, music teachers and practitioners regarding Amber music awards and services, in the light of the latest government recommendations:

Music lessons/sessions held in the family home

If lessons/sessions need to be postponed then awards will be deferred or transitioned online.

Music lessons/sessions in schools

If the school you are working in is closed, lessons and sessions will be postponed and awards deferred.

Music Makers sessions in schools

If the school you are working in is closed, sessions will be postponed until the school reopens to external visitors.

Many of our music teachers and practitioners are working remotely during this time. If you are thinking about working remotely with Amber students/families, please do get in touch.

For queries about Music Awards, please contact Elissa Turay on

For queries about Little Amber or AmberPlus, contact Hannah Marsden on or respectively.

Teaching Resources

Amber Sound Touch

A major new online resource for teaching music to a blind child. This superb teaching aid comprises 13 engaging videos complemented with a comprehensive written guide, dealing with important topics such as learning to play by ear, guidelines for appropriate touch in teaching technique, notation, improvising, practice and performance.

Watch the Introduction Webinar with Professor Adam Ockelford

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Our Ardvreck charity of the year for 2019 – 2020 has been chosen as The Amber Trust. As always the staff have banded together to take part in a massive challenge. This year we will all be putting ourselves into…

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