Ambers Impact

Since its inception, Amber has supported 526 children and young people, some for up to 8 years, to access and enjoy music.

Luke JeffersonIn the past year (2014/15):

  • Amber gave 195 awards – up 10% from last year.
    • the largest increase in applications was for music therapy sessions.
    • 77 awards were given to new applicants.
  • Amber has supported 176 children aged between 18 months and 19 years.
    • 73% have additional disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy or learning difficulties.
  • Amber gave grants totalling £89,295 for music awards.
    • the average award was for £458.
  • Amber supported children throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Amber is building strong relationships with specialist schools for sensory impairment and other needs and now supports eight children at St Vincent’s School in Liverpool as well as several children each at Linden Lodge, London; WESC Foundation, Exeter; New College Worcester; Royal Blind School, Edinburgh and Mid-Ulster School.

Amber’s music awards help to enhance children’s social and academic education through music and, in some cases, to prepare them for a career in music.