Child Protection Policy

Children and young people with visual impairments – many of whom have additional disabilities – are at the heart of The Amber Trust’s work. Their welfare is a key consideration. This policy outlines the responsibilities of The Amber Trust in relation to the protection of the children it supports and undertakes to:

  • Treat children and young people with care, respect and dignity
  • Listen to and help them (directly, or through their parents or advocates) with anything related to The Amber Music Awards Scheme
  • Ensure that we avoid unsupervised contact with the children we support
  • Assess and seek to minimise the risks to children who take part in activities funded by The Amber Trust

Through its Awards scheme, The Amber Trust enables individual blind and partially sighted children to access and enjoy music. It also provides workshops for groups of blind and partially sighted children to access music. However, it does not provide direct services to these children, interacting with them and their families mainly as recipients of Amber Music Awards. The Trust ensures that all music teachers, therapists and others working directly with the children it supports have enhanced DBS clearance.

The Amber Trust uses case studies and the children’s stories to demonstrate the positive impact of the Music Awards and workshops, to publicise its work on its website and in social media and for fundraising appeals. For this, we gain parental permission and, wherever possible, the permission of the children themselves. Amber uses first names, ages and general geographical location in any publicity. We also take great care with the young people’s images and audio- and video-clips we display on our website, in social media, in publicity materials and in funding bids, again ensuring that we have permission to use them. Children are always portrayed with dignity and respect in our literature.

Information about the children supported by The Amber Trust is stored securely. All personal details are saved in password-protected files with limited access. Hard copy information is always kept in locked cabinets. Amber does not use children’s personal details for purposes other than the Amber Music Award application process or in funding applications where we have explicit consent. We do not pass on a family’s contact details to anyone outside The Amber Trust without their express permission.

The Amber Trust ensures that all contact with children is via a parent or carer and takes place with their consent.

This policy is reviewed regularly and updated as required.

Adopted: 21 January 2010

Last reviewed: 1 February 2017