How to Apply

Amber holds three meetings each year to grant Music Awards. Parents or carers need to ensure that they send in the completed application forms by the deadlines given below:

  • For mid-March meeting, deadline end of February
  • For mid-July meeting, deadline end of June
  • For mid-November meeting, deadline end of October

All applications must be made using Amber’s Music Award Application Form. Once an application has been received, it will be checked to confirm it is complete. Any further information required will be requested from the applicant. For all eligible applications, the parents/carers will receive a notification letter to:

  • Confirm receipt of the application
  • Outline the timescale of the application process
  • Establish when parents or carers can expect to hear the outcome

Dr Adam Ockelford, the founder of The Amber Trust, along with the Trustees of the charity, help to assess and evaluate applications for The Amber Music Awards.

If you have not found a suitable music teacher or therapist for your child, the RNIB’s Music Advisory Service may be able to help. The Music Advisory Service provides information and advice on music education at all levels and can be contacted on 0207 391 2273 or

Apply for a Music Award here

Parents or carers need to re-apply each year for further funding for any child who has previously been supported by Amber, such as Molly. To do this they must fill out a Re-Application Form.

It is very important they answer all the questions as fully as possible as this helps Amber understand what impact the Music Award is having on their child’s musical progress, as well as his or her day-to-day life.

Re-apply for a music award here