Registration for music teachers & therapists

There is an online form to gather information about the music teachers or therapists working with children applying for an Amber Music Award. This is to ensure that the Trustees have all the relevant information needed when assessing new and re-applicants for Music Awards and that we have up-to-date information when processing invoices.

At Amber we know that hourly rates charged for music lessons and music therapy can vary widely. In order to provide a guide to the levels considered appropriate by Amber, the Trustees have developed a matrix of hourly rates to act as a guide for applicants when applying for a Music Award, and the teachers and therapists whom it is proposed should work with them. This is shown below:

TEACHER Little experience Some experience Very experienced + Significant visual
impairment experience
No formal qualifications £15 £20 £25 add £5
Certificate level £20 £25 £30 add £5
Teaching diploma or degree £25 £30 £35 add £5
+ Visual impairment
add £5 add £5 add £5 add £10
THERAPIST Little experience Some experience Very experienced + Significant visual
impairment experience
Must be registered music
therapist with HCPC
£30 £35 £40 add £5

Please take a few minutes to complete the online form which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Teachers and therapists please register your details here.

Please note that by agreeing to us holding your details in this way you will be helping us to build a database of teachers and therapists who work with children with visual difficulties. As we often have enquiries from families seeking a suitable teacher for their child we hope that we will be able to point them in the right direction.

Teachers’ and Therapists’ Music Reports

For teachers and therapists who are already working with a child, please complete this report form:

Music Report Form

The form is designed to streamline the process of reporting the impact of Amber Music Awards, and, taken as a whole, the reports will be used anonymously to provide Trustees with the evidence that they need to secure future funding. Please note that some questions require answers from everyone (these are marked with an asterisk), while others are optional. Please select the ones that are relevant to your sessions. To make things easier, a number of questions have ‘drop-down’ options. It is not possible to part-save a form (although you can navigate between pages within it), so, before starting, we advise that you download the following information about Sounds of Intent:

Sounds of Intent PDF

and have to hand information regarding the number of sessions you have offered, and the child’s attendance rate and punctuality. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Professor Adam Ockelford at

Here are two example reports to give you an idea of what is needed: Music report sample young pianist age 6 / Music report sample older pianist age 15

Please note that future requests for repeat funding for a child are contingent on a satisfactory report being received.

Where you have the necessary permission from parents, we encourage you to submit short videos or audio recordings of the child engaging in musical activity with you. These will only be used by Amber for the purposes of gauging the impact of its funding, and will be viewed only by the Awards Panel. To send a video or audio file, please email them to: Larger files should be send via a Dropbox link, We Transfer or in another suitable way.

Amber Sound Touch

Amber Sound Touch is a ground-breaking online teaching resource for music that specifically caters for teachers working with blind and partially sighted children. It comprises 13 videos complemented with an extensive written guide, covering key topics such as getting started, learning to play by ear, guidelines for appropriate touch in teaching technique, notation, improvising, practice and performance.

Visit Amber Sound Touch website