A child like Ché

Ché on the drums

He is awesome. He plays drums in a rock band called ‘Fault Line‘. Together they have won competitions and recorded a single at the Monmouth Studios. They have featured on BBC Hereford and Worcester Radio, and are currently recording an album with KJM Studios in Hereford (on sale later this year).

They have raised money for charities, and are involved in a local social enterprise music therapy project. When not playing his drums Che is at school, and plans to go to college this autumn to study for his A-levels. His aim is to become a musician, but he would also consider a career at the bar or in forensic science.

Che is blind. His phenomenal achievements speak volumes about his character, determination and talent. But he also has the loving support of his family…. and a little help from his friends at the Amber Trust, who provided his drum kit.

Rock on, Che! We are proud of you.

A letter from Ché

It is a great privilege to have the support and recognition of The Amber Trust.

I should mention that I was blind at birth, but had 14 operations and procedures and though still registered blind, I do have some useful residual vision. I have been very lucky having a great family and was also able to get the best possible medical help along the way. I particularly want to help others as I know the value of having positive input. It is people like yourselves at The Amber Trust who are helping make the biggest difference!!

3 years ago The Amber Trust enabled me to purchase a quality set of drums which allowed me to become the drummer in Fault Line. This opened up lots of amazing opportunities including allowing me to help raise money for some charities and engage with many other like-minded musicians who are also committed to continuing raising funds for deserving courses. We hope to set up our social enterprise music therapy project later this year where we can provide music therapy and also make music lessons available at an affordable price to all who want them. We will help build the project with sales from our EP which is almost out.

Many thanks for your kindness.

Best Wishes