A child like Ella

Ella on the PianoYou may even hear her shriek of joy’, said Ella’s mother Sally when The Amber Trust renewed its funding for Ella’s piano lessons.

Ella has always been surrounded by music, and she loves it all, from classical to rock and jazz. Even in hospital during the early months of her life without any sight she was soothed by soft Irish music from The Corrs. But it was not until she became a teenager that Ella decided to make music herself. After just one term, her life has changed. She has found a fresh means of communication. Her confidence is growing and she has found a new passion in life.

Sally says: ‘Music seems to make Ella’s world a happier place, and the fact that she can play the piano and sing along gives her a huge sense of achievement. It fills her world’. And Ella? She has a broad smile on her face.